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How to Prepare Nutritious Meals for Seniors

August 12th, 2019|

Millions of aging in place elderly Americans don’t get the daily nutrition they need. Although people over the age of 65 don’t require the same amount of energy they used to, their bodies still need essential nutrients like fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates to keep them active and independent.

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How to Help an Aging Parent Manage Finances

Your elderly mother still lives alone, and due to her declining health, you’ve been helping her take care of her household. Finances are a topic that you’ve avoided up until now, but it’s become quite apparent that mom isn’t paying her bills on time. And, she’s gotten “taken” by a couple of dishonest contractors just within the past year. Now her financial carelessness has reached a point that it has you worried. Helping an aging parent manage their finances can be hard, but it is possible when you follow these tips from the pros.

Creative Ways to Get a Senior Outside Once Spring Arrives

Many aging in place elderly Americans don’t get the exercise or social interaction they need during colder winter months. If you’re serving as a caregiver for an older loved one, getting them outdoors once spring arrives is vitally important for their continued mental health and wellbeing. Fortunately, there are several creative ways to get a senior outside in the spring, starting with these.

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Helping Your Aging Parent Cope with the Death of a Spouse

Ever since dad died mom just hasn’t been the same and you’re worried about her health and wellbeing, and if mom will be able to continue aging comfortably in place at home. Fortunately, there are several proven ways to help a parent cope with the death of a spouse, starting with these.

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