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Compassionate In-Home Care for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia affects millions of seniors in the United States, and when it impacts someone in your family it can be challenging and exhausting.  The term “dementia” actually describes a condition where symptoms like impaired judgment and memory loss become serious enough to disrupt a senior’s daily activities.  If your loved one is still living at home, at times their dementia can put them at risk.  Eventually dementia can lead to declining health, along with behavioral and personality changes.  Studies have determined that dementia can influence every aspect of a loved one’s day, from first thing in the morning to the time they go to bed.  Even at night bad dreams are possible, and eventually even the most routine daily activities can become nearly impossible to carry out.  Many patients with dementia deal with depression, anxiety and become socially-isolated.  On the positive side, doctors have also found that living at home in familiar surroundings actually provides some much-needed comfort and stability to someone with dementia.   And that’s why at Seniors Prefer Homecare we provide our family-trusted, in-home dementia care services.

Our Highly-Trained Caregivers Understand Dementia

At Seniors Prefer Homecare, we understand dementia and provide specialized caregiving services to Alabama families in the greater Huntsville and Tuscaloosa areas.  In addition to our affordable and dependable in-home dementia caregivers, we also have a full-time licensed social worker on staff.  We will sit down and customize a personalized dementia care program that works best for your family; one that delivers the individualized attention your loved one requires anywhere from hourly to continuous, 24-hour, monitoring.  O