Although serving as a caregiver for an aging in place elderly loved one is highly rewarding, it can also be very emotionally and physically demanding. As a result, some informal caregivers turn to alcohol as a means to self-medicate while dealing with caregiver stress.  But once a family caregiver starts relying on alcohol more and more it can interfere with their ability to provide the care that’s needed. If allowed to progress, alcohol abuse will eventually place the health and wellbeing of both parties at risk. 

Why Do Family Caregivers Abuse Alcohol?

At any given time roughly 10% of all family caregivers battle substance abuse issues and alcohol is usually involved.

These are the most common reasons why informal caregivers abuse alcohol:

  • Fear and anxiety because they don’t feel like they’re doing a good job
  • Stress from feeling overwhelmed by caregiving responsibilities
  • Bitterness towards a sibling or other family member
  • Battling insomnia brought on by worrying
  • Depression as they witness the decline of their loved one
  • Physical pain resulting from a caregiving injury
  • Feeling isolated from the outside world
  • Anger directed towards the care recipient

Furthermore, those who care for seniors with Alzheimer’s or any other form of