Aging adults who are more positive and optimistic tend to enjoy healthier, more fulfilling lives than those who aren’t. Positive thinking benefits seniors in many ways, including stress reduction, improved immunity and a lower risk for heart disease. Based on a recent study, having a more positive outlook on life may even help the average senior live longer. If your aging parents are acting like a couple of “negative Nellies” right now, here’s how to help them develop a more positive attitude so they can enjoy life to the fullest.    

How Positive Thinking Benefits Seniors  

It’s easy for mom or dad to feel depressed for reasons like declining health, financial difficulties or the loss of a dear friend. On the other hand, researchers have found a correlation between how one perceives aging and life in general and their quality of life and longevity.

Having a positive outlook on life benefits the elderly in these ways:

  • Makes them more resilient to illnesses and chronic diseases
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Heightens insight about life and spirituality
  • More likely to exercise, eat right and avoid unhealthy habits 
  • Greater likelihood to participate in social activities
  • Longer lifespan

If your parents are aging in place, staying positive and optimistic gives them a better chance of remaining independent for a longer period-of-time.

Positivity Tips for Older Adults 

Just like anything else worthwhile in life, positive thinking takes practice. Here’s how help your aging parents cultivate