Although they only represent about 15% of the U.S. population, older Americans take one-third of all prescription and OTC medications each year. Common medication management issues the elderly face include accidental overdoses, drug interactions, forgetting to take their meds as prescribed, and having expired medications on hand. As a result, many seniors are hospitalized each year for medication-related emergencies. As a caregiver, there are several ways to improve your loved one’s medication management program, starting with these.

Medication-Related Challenges for Seniors

Almost 90% of people aged 65-and-over take one or more prescription drugs for chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis. Over 35% take 5 or more, so it’s easy for mix-ups to happen, and notably when a senior suffers from memory loss or poor vision.

Here are some other medication-related challenges seniors face:

  • Medications stay in their system longer.
  • Many quit taking their meds because of side effects,