It’s been said that “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” In our experience, we’ve found that this truism applies to caregivers who have long careers helping others.  Seniors prefer Homecare has introduced some wonderful people to the homecare industry and has watched them flourish. If you ask them how they feel about being a professional caregiver, without exception, they’ll tell you how much they love it. What is it about caregiving that they find so rewarding? Here are five reasons we hear most from caregivers about why they are so passionate about their homecare career.


Who doesn’t hate office drama, uncomfortable clothing, or overbearing managers? But, caregivers don’t have to report to an office every day; they perform their professional duties in the homes of adults needing a patient, caring person to help them age at home, instead of in an assisted living facility, nursing home, or another type of institution.

You’ll be happy to know that most of your duties are the same tasks you perform at home – cooking, light housekeeping, companionship, and maybe an occasional reminder to take medication. You’re simply doing what you do for yourself for others who now find it difficult to perform those tasks.


Many caregivers develop unique relationships with clients and their families. They become extended family members because of the compassionate care they provide that would otherwise fall on the family.

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