One of the greatest fears people have is the fear of growing old alone. As seniors grow older, their need to be with other people is perhaps even greater than it was when they were younger. Helping them remain social and active is one of the kindest acts we can perform for seniors. 

To help you do that, here are five activities they can have fun doing while enjoying the companionship of old and new friends.

1. Group Exercise Classes

Not only is it healthy for them, but seniors enjoy stretching and movement. Group exercises like yoga or tai chi help seniors improve flexibility and balance while having fun and socializing. Some senior centers also offer chair exercise classes, which can appeal to seniors living with arthritis.

2. Book Clubs

If the senior in your life loves to read, the chances are very good that they’d love the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about a book with others. Books and book clubs support seniors’ efforts to stay mentally alert, sharp, and in touch with the world and others.

3. Lectures and Continuing Education Classes

Want to keep your senior mentally alert and engaged? With a bit of online research, you can locate lectures and classes that they can attend at local centers or colleges. They can learn right alongside other older adults and then discuss the lecture or lesson with a new friend over coffee.

4. Art Classes

For seniors who have worked hard all of their lives to earn a living and raise a family, retirement can lead them to the creativity they never knew they had. Watercolor painting and drawing or sketching are at the top of the list of avenues for artistic expression, and making art in a group can be an enjoyable way for them to engage with other people.

5. Dancing

Dancing is a fun, low-impact way that is full of cardio benefits. It boosts endurance and is a great way for seniors to make new friends that also love music and movement. It is also a way to help them take a pleasant stroll down memory lane. Check online and with local senior or community centers to see if there are any dances fo