Most seniors love the holidays. They have many fond memories: seeing Santa for the first time, helping trim the tree, and opening gifts with eager anticipation.

They also remember making the holidays special for their loved ones as an adult. There are happy memories of the family gathered around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, wrapping gifts for the kids, and baking holiday cookies and pies.

Unfortunately, many seniors find that the holidays bring on feelings of melancholy. They are under the impression that they can’t contribute or participate in a meaningful way.

The good news is that you can cheer them up by including them in some holiday fun. Here are seven fun activities you can do during the holidays that include your senior loved one.

1. Include them in the holiday preparations.

They may not be able to string the lights on the tree, but they can hand you ornaments or put some on the tree if they’re able.

2. Invite carolers to the house.

Many seniors were once carolers themselves and would love to watch and listen to happy carolers singing their favorite holiday songs.

3. Take them to see the holiday lights.

Take a stroll through the neighborhood or pile the family into the car and take a drive through one of the neighborhoods that go all out, adorning their homes with colorful lights and decorations. It’s a great family activity, sure to create some lasting memories.

4. Help them pick out gifts.

It’s great if you can get them out to their favorite stores and enjoy a lunch together while they do their shopping. But, it’s no problem if they’re not mobile enough to get to the mall.

Help them get online and shop at their favorite retailers’ online stores. They’ll still get to pick out their gifts and will love participating in the annual holiday gift exchange.

5. Bake together.

The smell and taste of holiday fare bring a smile to just about everyone’s face. Your senior loved may only be able to help in small ways, like stirring the batter or sprinkling colored sugar on the cookies, but that will be enough to help them feel that they’re part of the holiday festivities.

6. Enjoy a holiday movie night together.

Everyone loves sitting around the tree or fireplace and watching their favorite holiday movies. White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Hallmark Channel holiday movies are always fun to watch while drinking a cup of hot cocoa.

7. Look through photo albums together.

Seniors enjoy reminiscing and seeing pictures of their family enjoying holidays past. Sit together and have them tell you stories about what their family holiday traditions were and enjoy the twinkle in their eyes as they take a trip down memory lane.

Your senior loved one can have a happy holiday season if they’re included in the family fun. And, take plenty of pictures this year that you can enjoy together next year!

We Can Help Your Senior Loved One Enjoy Festive Activities During the Holidays in Their Own Home

Seniors Prefer Homecare is dedicated to helping seniors stay safe and happy in their own homes. Holidays in a facility just can’t compare to being at home with loved ones during these special days.

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