Human beings are social creatures that need to socialize for the sake of their mental health and wellbeing. But even under normal circumstances, many aging in place seniors don’t socialize enough due to financial hardships, transportation challenges or poor mobility. A lifestyle-altering event like the COVID-19 pandemic creates unique social challenges because of travel bans, stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines. Fortunately, as an informal caregiver there are several ways to keep your senior socially engaged, starting with these.  

Social Isolation Causes these Problems

Even without COVID-19 travel restrictions, millions of elderly Americans battle loneliness and social isolation every day. Think Health Magazine points out that seniors who are more socially isolated tend to experience these physical and emotional problems:  

If you’re currently caring for an aging in place loved one who’s homebound due to the COVID-19 outbreak, finding ways to keep them socially engaged needs to be a priority. 

Keeping Your Senior Socially Engaged

Since COVID-19 is more dangerous for the elderly, following sheltering in place and social distancing guidelines is very important for their continued health and wellbeing. However, as a caregiver there are several steps you can take to keep your senior socially engaged, such as: 

Communicate Daily

If you’re only providing sporadic caregiving assi