When I gave my mother an iPhone for Christmas last year, I thought she was the last person alive who didn’t have a smartphone. She had some interest in technology, but it was my talking to her about the safety and convenience of a smartphone that finally convinced her to give it a try. But what do millennials have to offer when it comes to teaching seniors about technology.

According to the Pew Research Center, 4 in 10 seniors now own a smartphone. This number has doubled since 2013. Internet and social media usage are also on the rise, with 67% of seniors regularly going online and 34% using social media.

Benefits of Technology

Technology has amazing potential to help our older generations. Email and Skype can help families stay connected across the miles. Education sites allow us to take a wide range of enriching courses from home. YouTube has thousands of exercise programs and workouts. Online games can provide cognitive stimulation. Health websites provide valuable information. Health tracking technology now ranges from digital pill boxes to extensive remote monitoring of daily activities that may allow people to live at home better and longer.

When my mom got her iPhone, it took about 5 minutes before she got stuck and my 4-year-old nephew grabbed it and started swiping away. Se