Your aging in place elderly mother has a chronic medical condition that keeps her confined to bed for days at a time. As mom’s eldest adult child, you’ve been trying to provide her with the nurturing care she needs whenever those “bad days” roll around. When a senior becomes bed-bound, it can be confusing for a family caregiver to know exactly which types of care are the most important. To help ensure that your mom enjoys a higher quality of life whenever she’s bed-bound, use these caregiving tips from the pros.

Compile a Caregiving Checklist

The first step is compiling a checklist containing activities of daily living that your loved one will need. That list might include:

Collecting all this information ahead of time will allow you to then prioritize the most important caregiving tasks based on your availability.

Which Tasks Should I Prioritize?

Many family caregivers also have jobs and households to manage. If that’s your case, it’s important to accept the fact you’re only human. That means that when caring for a bed-bound loved one these caregiving areas should get priority:

Nutrition and Hydration

Keeping their body supplied with essential nutrients and liquids is notably important for a bed-bound senior. Come up with a nutrition plan for your loved one by working with a licensed dietician. If your senior has a swallowing impairment, serve them nutritious smoothies, softer foods and soups. And, keep plenty of water on their nightstand at-all-times.

Bed Sore Prevention

One of the