Working out regularly benefits elderly participants in many ways, and most seniors who exercise enjoy healthier, more independent lives as a result. But many seniors can’t engage in rigorous, high-impact forms of exercise because of the stress it places on weakened bones, arthritic joints and tired muscles. That’s why scores of elderly Americans are now using water aerobics as a low-impact alternative to traditional workouts. What follows are several reasons why exercising in water is a safe and effective way for your aging loved one to stay fit.

Why Water is Good for a Senior’s Body

Because of its natural composition water has several characteristics that make it the ideal medium to exercise in for the elderly, including: 

  • Resistance. Water is denser than air, which means it provides greater resistance to body movements with less effort than exercising on land.
  • Buoyancy. Water gently supports a person’s body weight, resulting in less pain and fatigue to sensitive areas.  
  • Calming. Being immersed in warm water has a relaxing and calming effect on the body and mind. 
  • Refreshing. Our bodies are 70% water, which is why it feels so refreshing and soothing on one’s skin. 

The Many Health Benefits of Water Aerobics

Here are some of the ways that water aerobics help seniors stay healthier:

Builds muscle strength and endurance

The movements of water aerobics create a force on the body that acts like small weights. That force builds muscle strength and increases cardiovascular endurance without the resulting “burn” that’s felt while exercising on land. Water aerobics help strengthen core muscles that improve a senior’s stability- reducing their likelihood for falling. 

Chronic pain relief

The water’s gentle waves hitting the skin have a massaging effect, which helps relieve chro