The long hot summer can take its toll on seniors.

As we age, our bodies become less effective at regulating temperature than when we were younger. As a result, seniors don’t sweat as much as younger adults, and sweating is critical to regulating our body’s heat.

This can be tricky and dangerous when our body’s temperature rises along with the outside temperature. The result can be heat exhaustion, heatstroke, or worse.

This article provides information for older adults to enjoy the warmer months safely and also some safety tips for family and friends on how to ensure that their senior loved ones have a happy and healthy summer.

Six Summer Safety Tips for Senior Adults

Seniors – here’s good news for you. There are things you can do to keep cool and stay safe! Here are six ways to do that.

  1. Stay hydrated – Drink eight or more eight-ounce glasses of water or fruit juice per day to stay healthy and hydrated. You may want to avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  2. Know the side effects of medications – Some medications can have side effects like making you drowsy or more sensitive to the sun. Talk with your doctor about your medications and discuss any questions or concerns you have.
  3. Stay cool – Stay inside as much as you can. Enjoy your air conditioning, but if you don’t have A.C. go somewhere that does, like the mall or a movie theater.
  4. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing – Wear breathable clothing and light colors that reflect the sun, not attract the heat like dark clothing does.
  5. Have emergency contacts – If you’ve been exposed to the heat and are not feeling well, have a list of contacts you can call. If in doubt, call 9-1-1 and get the help you need.
  6. Know the weather forecast – Take the weather into account as you plan your days. If it’s going to be hot and humid, take a swim or stay inside. The hottest hours of the day are 10 am – 4 pm. That’s the time you most want to avoid the high heat and humidity.

How Loved Ones Can Help Seniors Beat the Heat

As a caregiver or a caring loved one, you can help the seniors in your life stay cool and safe by:

  • Visiting at least twice a day
  • Watching for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke
  • Making sure they have access to air conditioning
  • Helping them limit their exposure to the sun
  • Making sure they’re getting enough fluids to keep them hydrated and have a normal body temperature
  • Check the internet for a listing of cooling centers in your area.

Seniors Prefer Homecare Helps Seniors Keep Their Cool

Summers in Huntsville and Tuscaloosa are long and intensely warm, and often hot! However, our trained home care aides are safety conscious and take the necessary steps to keep seniors safe and cool.

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