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Exercise Safety Tips for Seniors


Once the average person reaches age 55, their body undergoes physical changes that make muscles shrink, flexibility to decrease, and the loss of balance more possible. For all these reasons, when you’re helping a senior loved one who’s aging independently at home, exercise is important for their continued health and well-being. Keeping them active delivers numerous benefits which help counteract those caused by growing older. But if they’re not careful, exercising without taking the right precautions can also be dangerous. To keep your senior loved one happier and healthier while participating in an exercise program, use these exercise safety tips for seniors.

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A Good Exercise Routine – Why so Important for Seniors


We all know that having an exercise routine is good for us, but as we grow older, the obstacles to being physically active increase. The changes our bodies go through as we age can make exercise seem daunting. We may have new health concerns, worry more about injuries, or be on a tighter budget than earlier in our lives. In reality, exercise gets even more important as we get older, and there is no better time than right now to start an exercise program.

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