In America, we love our veterans and are grateful for their service. Because of this, many employers want to hire veterans, and in some cases, the government provides incentives for them to do so. Veterans bring a lot to the table when it comes to being employees after they leave the service. They work great with a team, are self-disciplined, and will work steadfastly until the job is done. For these reasons and more, home healthcare agencies love hiring veterans, and many of them are choosing home care as their next career. What is it that is drawing our vets to this life-changing career? Here are five reasons:

Veterans love to serve others

They call the military “the service” for a reason. Vets love to serve. Many join because they have a sense of duty to our country and its citizens to protect our freedom. Having been in the military, they understand the selflessness needed to care for someone else, such as an aging adult who needs care, and they’re excellent at it.

Veterans enjoy working with a team

One of the greatest joys a veteran experiences while serving in the military is being part of a cohesive unit. Many times, in drills and combat situations, they put their lives in the hands of another soldier, and vice-versa. As a result, veterans