One of the most difficult aspects of taking care of an aging loved one is knowing that no matter how hard you try their condition is going to get worse. Feelings of guilt, anger and frustration are common, all of which can exacerbate caregiver stress. Staying positive while caring for an elderly adult requires adjusting caregiving expectations as their health continues to decline. Using these tips should make the process go more smoothly. 

Informal Caregiver Statistics Tell the Story 

Here are some quicks facts about informal caregivers from the Caregiver Action Network:

  • In a typical year, over 60 million adult Americans provide care to a chronically ill, disabled or aging family member or friend.
  • The average informal caregiver spends 20+ hours per week caring for a loved one.
  • Roughly two-thirds of all family caregivers are women.
  • Most informal caregivers are married and hold down at least a part-time job.
  • Approximately 13% of all caregivers provide care for 40