Aging in Place as a Family

|Aging in Place as a Family

How to Help an Aging Parent Manage Finances


Your elderly mother still lives alone, and due to her declining health, you’ve been helping her take care of her household. Finances are a topic that you’ve avoided up until now, but it’s become quite apparent that mom isn’t paying her bills on time. And, she’s gotten “taken” by a couple of dishonest contractors just within the past year. Now her financial carelessness has reached a point that it has you worried. Helping an aging parent manage their finances can be hard, but it is possible when you follow these tips from the pros.

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Helping Your Aging Parent Cope with the Death of a Spouse


Ever since dad died mom just hasn’t been the same and you’re worried about her health and wellbeing, and if mom will be able to continue aging comfortably in place at home. Fortunately, there are several proven ways to help a parent cope with the death of a spouse, starting with these.

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The Value of Keeping a Daily Routine


All of us have some fear of the unknown, but for aging seniors still living at home those feelings can sometimes be overwhelming. One of the proven ways to combat those fears is to establish and follow a daily routine, notably when a senior has cognitive impairment from dementia or a stroke. When you’re serving as a caregiver for an at-home senior, establishing a daily routine for them will also benefit you. Here are some ways that keeping a daily routine provides value to seniors and their caregivers.

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Judging When to Begin Home Care


If your aging parent is feeling lonely and depressed, their probably not eating well. Do they look thinner and frail? How do they feel when you hug them? Are they having trouble driving? In addition to those physical signs, here are some others to look for:

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Your Place or Mine? Caring for an Aging Parent


Your elderly father has lived by himself at home ever since your mother passed away several years ago. Although he loves the freedom and independence aging in place affords him, lately you’ve noticed that living alone has become a challenge due to his deteriorating health. You’re contemplating asking him to move into your home so that you can monitor his activities and provide care when needed. But caring for an aging parent in your home presents its own unique set of challenges which you will need to carefully consider first.

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Ways to Keep Your Aging Parents in Their Home


You love your aging parents dearly, and are glad they’re both still living independently in the home you grew up in. Nothing would make you happier than to see them continue aging in place gracefully right where they are, enjoying one another’s company. But you also want them to be safe and healthy and it’s starting to concern you. You’ve been trying to think of ways to help ensure their aging in place continues, but it’s been hard. To assist your efforts, here are some ideas for keeping your senior parents living comfortably at home.

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Tips for Seniors Caring for an Ill Spouse


When serving as a spousal caregiver, you won’t be able to continue caring for an ill spouse if you get injured, become ill or disabled yourself. That’s why it’s so important to know your limitations. If you’re not careful as a caregiver, the marital happiness you once enjoyed can slip into feelings of duty, sadness and even resentment. When caring for an ill spouse, not feeling constantly overwhelmed requires taking several steps to ensure you’re able to provide the love and comfort your partner needs as you work together through life’s inevitable challenges.

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Helping Your Elderly Parents Continue Aging in Place


Millions of Americans work very hard serving as caregivers to keep their elderly parents aging in place at home. But trying to juggle your parents’ at-home care requirements with an already busy lifestyle can get overwhelming. To help lighten your workload, here are some proven ways to help keep your elderly parents aging in place at home for as long as possible.

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Hiring a Professional Home Care Agency – Why So Important?


Seniors may worry that asking for help is the first step to losing their independence and therefore shy away from the topic of hiring a professional home care agency. In reality, accepting some assistance can help seniors maintain their independence and autonomy. But what should you consider for when it comes to hiring a home care agency?

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