Ever since your father died, your elderly mother has been living alone in the house you grew up in. Mom has always been a proud and independent woman, but lately, something’s changed. Whenever you stop by her appearance looks disheveled, the place is a mess, and stacks of unopened mail are lying around.

Although you’re concerned about your mother’s health and wellbeing, you also don’t want to be intrusive. Deciding if-and-when an aging-in-place parent needs caregiving assistance is never easy. To help you decide if your aging mom or dad needs caregiving, here are six warning signs to watch for.

1. Fall Hazards

Fall-related injuries and fractures send millions of seniors to hospital emergency departments every year, and some lose their independence permanently as a result. Vision changes, poorly lit stairways, and slippery bathroom surfaces are all fall hazards for older adults.

If your aging mother’s mobility isn’t what it used to be, here’s how to help:

  • Create clutter-free pathways throughout the home.
  • Install handrails and grab bars in the bathroom, and on both sides of the stairs.
  • Schedule her an eye exam.
  • Speak with an occupational therapist about how to create a safer home environment.

2. Driving Issues

If mom has received several tickets or been involved in multiple accidents, it may be time to have “the talk” about driving safety. Suspicious dents and scrapes on her vehicle could also be a sign that turning over the car keys might b