You love your aging parents dearly, and are glad they’re both still living independently in the home you grew up in. But now that mom and dad are both in their 70s, you’ve noticed that they’re having trouble keeping up their home like they once did. There are dirty clothes and dishes piled up, and unopened mail lying around. Even the yard, once dad’s pride-and-joy, isn’t being kept up. Nothing would make you happier than to see them continue aging in place gracefully right where they are, enjoying one another’s company. But you also want them to be safe and healthy and it’s starting to concern you. You’ve been trying to think of ways to help ensure their aging in place continues, but it’s been hard. To assist your efforts, here are some ideas for keeping your senior parents living comfortably at home.

Identify and Discuss Care Needs

Based upon your observations, identify the daily or weekly living activities they might be having trouble doing. Discuss those with your siblings, along with what they’ve also noticed. Write down a list of tasks that you all can share, and then carefully approach your parents with your ideas. They’ll probably get initially defensive, but explain that you all want to return the love they showed you growing up. Once they think about it, your parents will probably accept their adult children taking on some of their workload. Gradually start assisting them with:

  • Transportation – This could be trips to the d