Your elderly mother has Alzheimer’s, so recently you moved her into your home so that she could remain independent and comfortable for the time being. But mom sometimes acts out suddenly and aggressively, and those outbursts usually include cursing, insults and screaming. Although you realize that mom isn’t acting out on purpose, you are worried that her aggression will eventually become physical. Fortunately, it is possible to more effectively prevent and manage outbursts from seniors with Alzheimer’s by taking these steps.

Triggers for Alzheimer’s Aggression

An Alzheimer’s outburst can flare up with little or no advanced warning. However, WebMD points out that there are certain triggers that can cause Alzheimer’s aggression, like:

  • Environmental. These include excessive clutter, loud noises or too much activity.
  • Discomfort. Medication side effects, not enough sleep, or pain that can’t be verbalized are all discomfort-related triggers.
  • Confusion. Someone with Alzheimer’s can get agitated when they’re asked too many questions at once, you are trying to explain complex instructions to them, or they are feeling confined while you’re trying to assist them.

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Outbursts

Behavioral specialists have identified these reliabl