We’ve all seen movies with the grouchy old man who’s yelling at the neighborhood kids for being on his lawn. But the sad reality is that millions of aging in place seniors feel unhappy, unwanted and depressed. If you’re currently looking after an elderly loved one who’s always angry and never seems to smile, it can be challenging to “turn their frown upside down”.

Fortunately, there are several proven ways to introduce some humor and laughter into a senior’s life so they will feel happier, healthier and appreciated.

Why Are Some Seniors Unhappy?

When someone aged 65-and-over feels unhappy, it’s usually for one or more of these reasons:

Studies have found a correlation between one’s sense of happiness and wellbeing and their physical health. The more negative a senior’s outlook on life, the harder it is for them to fight off illnesses, reduce stress and stay socially engaged. If this currently describes your loved one, their chronic unhappiness will eventually start jeopardizing their