Your elderly father passed away a few months ago, and now mom’s living alone in the house you grew up in. Ever since dad died mom just hasn’t been the same, and you can just tell she isn’t taking care of herself like she should. But now it’s gotten to the point you’re worried about her health and wellbeing, and if mom will be able to continue aging comfortably in place at home. Fortunately, there are several proven ways to help a parent cope with the death of a spouse, starting with these.

How Losing a Spouse Impacts a Senior

When an older couple has been married for years, each partner oftentimes slides into specific roles within the household. For example, your mom may have taken care of the grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning, while dad focused on paying the bills and doing the yardwork. As a result, when one dies the surviving partner is forced to take on tasks that are unfamiliar, which can oftentimes be overwhelming.

Then there’s the loneliness factor, which typically hits hardest around meal time or other activities that the couple once shared. Widowed women oft