Because of her limited mobility, you’ve been helping your elderly mom with some of her daily activities ever since your dad passed away months ago. She wants to continue aging independently in place, and you’ve been trying to honor her wishes by upgrading her home’s safety features, providing transportation, and assisting with housework and other senior needs.

Lately you’ve noticed something isn’t quite right with mom, notably that she seems lonely and depressed. And, that’s got you down too because you feel like you’re not adequately meeting her senior needs. The truth is there are many non-physical caregiving ways to help improve a senior’s mental wellbeing. Here are a few of the better ones to try.

Emotional Support

Millions of seniors live alone, but that doesn’t mean they have to feel lonely. If mom’s physical health is pretty good overall, it’s time to assess her emotional state, and determine how you can offer support. Studies have found that an enhanced emotional state not only makes seniors happier, but also improves healing and illness prevention rates. Cancer patients over 65 have further been shown to live longer with a higher quality-of-life when exposed to emotional encouragement, even from strangers. Here are some effective ways to provide emotional support to your senior loved one:


Sometimes we get so caught up in our caregiving tasks that we don’t stop to comfort and encourage the one